How To Remove Password Excel spreadsheets blocked: leadership

You will be experienced, as has happened to us today, having modify an Excel spreadsheet that had been locked for editing with password using the option “Protection sheet“. Let's see how to solve the problem and remove the password of a protected Excel sheet editing…

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The password protection of Excel worksheets, lets get locked cells where it is not possible to write.
Often Excel file that we created in the past, but can not remember your password,.
After many attempts no longer need to be discouraged: with a small procedure in VBA (you'll just have to paste the integrated Visual Basic Editor in Excel) we can now unlock cells, and choose a new password if you want to block them again to protect them from modification.
It is practically of a procedure that performs a crack excel password.

In order to clarify, this is the button to lock and unlock cells in Excel file from editing:
unlock excel password

Here is the guide to unlock password-protected Excel files (crack password):
1) open your file and display the sheet stuck where you can not remember your password

2) press on the keyboard Alt F11 to open the VBA editor, or click “View Code” in the menu “Developer”.
If you don't have the option “Developer” in the upper menu, you need to activate it from Excel Options: File / Options / Customizing the Ribbon / On the right enabled the voice “Development”

3) Create a new form by right-clicking on the item with the name of your file on the left, then enter / Module:

4) in the white space that you created on your right, simply paste the code that you find on the next page of this article, so you will get this result:
code unlock password excel