How to disable automatic playing of videos on Facebook and save Internet bandwidth

Recently Facebook has introduced in its application for smartphones iPhone and iPad l’Autorun video on the page “news”, that we run all of us when we open the application. The videos are played automatically without the volume, so this does not create disorder, but the AutoPlay generates a large data traffic that can significantly affect the consumption of Internet bandwidth. Let's see how to fix it.The resolution of the problem is disable the auto play from the iPhone settings of Facebook videos when we are undercover 3G or LTE; rather trivial operation except in the iPhone version the translation from English into Italian has generated a sentence too long that is truncated. Not being visible in its entirety can lead to misinterpretation. From this several users have reported that while disabling the, Videos continue to be performed automatically.

Let's see in detail settings:
disattivare video facebook

As you can see in the third screen, option displays “Auto Play..”: sight it would seem that turning off the option you can disable the automatic execution of videos in Facebook. But it is not: The full text reports “Automatically play only on WiFi network“. And’ easy to find out by simply setting the language of our English for iPhone “Auto-Play on WiFi only” which means poprio “Startup only in WiFi”.

To disable automatic playback of video Facebook when we connected over 3 g (or LTE) we have to ENABLE this option; in this way:

  • when we have a WiFi connection the video will be played automatically
  • when we have a mobile connection (3G or LTE) the video will be played only on our request