Rumors show the first advances on iPhone 6

While Fan Android waiting for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S 4, as users who are fans of Apple eagerly awaiting the release of the New iPhone, that could be both an improvement in the current 5, so as to be l’iPhone 5S, or a completely new device and it should be the’iPhone 6. Several rumors say that the new iPhone device could see the light already in the first part of this year, confirm the advance of Apple's strategies, usually inclined to market launches in the autumn. The stop as the smartphone was already in the testing phase.

One of the main curiosity covers screen size. It will be maintained by 4 inch as the iPhone 5 or the Cupertino company will continue down the road of gradual lengthening of diagonal following recent market trends? With regard to the design, Apple may introduce the colored shells (and not just black or white and silver and slate), as well as it did with the latest generation of ipod Touch. And it is not excluded that it will intervene further on the slopes of lightness and weight. The OS reference, then, could be the new ios 7.

iPhone 6 Apple concept 2

Goes forward as far as the sensor of the rear camera that could reach up to 13 megapixels. The fund will consist of connectivity with Wi-Fi, the LTE performance (Long Term Evolution) and probably also the NFC technology (Near Field Communication), useful for mobile payments. Seems obvious the maintenance of Lightning connector.

Peter Misek of Wall Street Observer tries to be very accurate: “There are several prototypes of the iPhone 6 with screens 4,8 inches, display Retina IGZO, a variant of A7 quad-core chip and a new aesthetic without the Home button. It would be strange if Apple did not work on these prototypes, the rest Samsung Galaxy S3 con il He sold millions of smartphones”. And the Prices? The starting point is represented by those of the iPhone 5. In Italy, the iPhone is the latest affordable with a triple cut memory: the 16 GB, the 32 GB and 64 GB. The list price is naturally variable. They range from 729 € for the version less capacious for 949 euro for the most current passing through the 839 euro for the intermediate.

In recent days has circulated the news of the possible implementation of a low cost iPhone to be priced at shelf about 250-300 Euro. Despite some adjustments from both the materials used than the technical characteristics, it may still be a valuable product.


Source: WebMasterPoint