How to Save On PC photos and albums on Facebook.. friends' one too!!

You happened to have missed the photo of a holiday, you want to save in a photo from your Facebook profile ? You want to download all the photos in an album to a friend? And’ simple… and fully automatic! Let's see how to do it in a few easy steps.

Download all our photos and albums Facebook in 2 click is easy, through the site could Facebook2Zip save a file on your PC (zip) contains the photos on our Facebook profile, our albums and albums of our friends.


And’ simple:

  1. go to the site
  2. press the button “login to Facebook” and if you are asked, please enter your login credentials to Facebook. Quiet, it is an authentication system fail, the passwords are communicating to Facebook, not the site
  3. This will open a page where Facebook will ask permission to operate “” on your account: grant the permit without problems, the application will not publish confusion and strange things on your profile.
  4. choose whether you want download your photos or those of a friend (in the latter case, type the name of the friend and select it from the menu that will open) and press the Next button >>
  5. will The albums found for that profile Facebook selected; you can choose whether select a single album, select all (using the box “select all Albums”) or select some clicking on the album by holding down the button “Control” on the keyboard.
  6. Press the button Download


facebook2zip_downloadThe game is done: after short’ waiting (depending on how many photos are wondering to download) you will be shown the green button “Download” to download the archive with photos and albums from Facebook you have selected!

Inside the zip file you will find the albums divided into folders, and all the photos!

Obviously in order to download Facebook photo albums of friends you must have the permission to see them.


Have fun!

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