Save a photo to Instagram without publishing

Instagram, allows applying beautiful filters saving them both at our photos on camera roll that post pictures online, and given that the purpose of social networking is just to share, normally taking a photo with the app you end up publishing it, but let's see how to use the features of Instagram without posting our photos online.

How to take pictures with instagram publish without?

The most used by all is surely to upload the photo to your profile and then delete it immediately so you have your own single click in the photo gallery, but there is a simple way to get our shots without publishing necessiariamente,that is to put our smartphone off-line in a manner as not to have internet network,
but let's see how to do it step by step together:


  • Open the "Settings" of the phone and select the "use by air" topped the list of the various options. The phone will be temporarily disconnected from the network, and you will notice in the upper left icon of airplane instead of normal notches of the network signal.

  • Open normally Instagram, take a picture or load one from the roll, and apply the filter.

  • On the next screen normally save the photo by tapping the "Done" button at the top right, without adding tags, description or other.
    Instagram will attempt to load it on their online profile.

  • At this point you will see the screen of the profile with the stream of photos, but with a message that indicates an error loading, seen that the connection is not available.
    Tap the "X" button at the top to cancel the operation.

  • Confirm the cancellation of the upload by selecting "Remove" and the photo will be saved in the roll of the iPhone.

  • Now you can return to the "settings" of the phone and remove the "offline" mode, repeating the first step in this simple guide.

Obviously, for this tutorial I have used an iphone, but the process is the same for all smartphones.

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