Galaxy Gear: the new samsung smartwatch. Photos, features and price.

Samsung has finally officially the new Galaxy Gear, one InPulse truly exceptional.
It is a truly revolutionary smartwatch that offers many more functions of the phones currently in circulation smartwatch.
It is a clock particularly “intelligent”, in practice a real smartWatch, lightweight metal.
The product appears made with great care, excellent finishes.

The strap is positioned the camera and a microphone / speaker that will allow you to make calls without using headphones.

It has only one physical button for switching on and off.

Galaxy Gear: camera

Galaxy Gear: camera

Galaxy Gear: microphone / speaker

Galaxy Gear: microphone / speaker

Here are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear:

Processor: owner da800 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Internal Memory. 4 GB is not expandable
Display: Super AMOLED by 1,63 inches with resolution 320 x 320 and 278 (Square)
Camera. 1,9 MP (1392 photos×1392 or 1280×960 pixels) with HD video recording up to 10 seconds (1280×720 pixels), Auto Focus and Sound & Shot
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 THE
Sensors: Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Battery: 315 mAh
Declared autonomy: 25 hours
Operating System: Android
Dimensions: 36.8 x 56.6 x 11.1 mm
Weight: 73.8 g
Price of Samsung Galaxy Gear: 299 $

Availability of the Samsung Galaxy Gear: starting from 25.

It is not much bigger than an ordinary stopwatch as you can see from the image below:

Size comparison Galaxy Gear with GShock

Galaxy Gear: dimensions

The new smartwatch Galaxy Gear will initially be produced in six different colors.
It will obviously connected with Samsung Apps to download additional applications in addition to those already pre-installed (as the clock, the weather, the pedometer, calendar, notifications, gallery, media player)

Samsung Galaxy Gear: colors

For those not particularly present in the world of smartwatch is necessary to clarify that, as the previous smartwatch by other companies, the Galaxy Gear is not a device that “life of its own”: should be used as “accessory” the “Appendix” a smartphone.
In this specific case the new Galaxy Gear can be used in tandem with the latest Samsung Smartphone: from Galaxy S3 onwards). The connection between Galaxy Gear is via bluetooth (the Galaxy Gear is not equipped with WiFi).

What is the Galaxy Gear?

Galaxy Gear: Home screen

Galaxy Gear: Home screen

We have said that this is not a mobile miniature (in fact does not have the space for a SIM card phone operator.
In short, the smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear, as other commercially smatwatch, displays messages, notifications (mail, Posts, Facebook, etc..) and the calls that reach the cell phone is connected.
The Galaxy Gear is a little more:

  • allows you to answer calls (just raise your arm to your ear) and speaking, since it includes speaker and microphone.
  • using the function “Smart relay“, when we open our Galaxy Gear notify you of a incoming email, We take our smartphones (connected via bluetooth with the Galaxy Gear) and are already open on the screen.
  • has the voice recognition system S Voice, also present in the Galaxy smartphones, and then we can talk to the clock (probably'll look stupid in the eyes of the people) to ask him to initiate a call to a contact in address book, request that long ago, seek times of the means of transport, dictate messages, set appointments..
  • allows you to take pictures with extreme speed, with a simple gesture of the arm without having to remove the phone. You can take pictures without being seen.. although this.. in our opinion.. increase violations of privacy..

It is thus undoubtedly a useful object as a smartphone or a replacement of our phone, but it remains a valuable technological gem.. also in price!