How to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 discount 591 Euro

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 has a sale price to the public of 699 €. And’ can find it on some ecommerce sites to 639 €, but we'll explain how to get it to 591 €! Here we go.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly a gem, we tried it and reviewed for you in this article: iSocial has tested for you the new Samsung Galaxy S4: review.
It has a list price of 699 € though with telephone operators and on some sites online you can find it at a price slightly lower: Samsung Galaxy S 4 discounted? We see prices and how you can pay! [updated]

In fact, however, there is a way to get the new Samsung Galaxy S4 discounted at an incredible price of 592 Euro, let us see how, thanks to Wind.

How to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 scontatisimo to 591 Euro?
Wind has a very convenient offer on rechargeable: it is therefore necessary to already have a number of wind, free activate a new number or do the portability from your operator. Caution, you are not forced to switch to Wind or change your number. It is important to have the rechargeable Wind that you can also not use and keep in a drawer.

And’ also need to have a credit card and have a situation “clean” against Wind and Infostrada (therefore you do not need to have unpaid bills in arrears).

These are the terms and conditions:

  • advance to be paid immediately at the point Wind cash, debit or credit card 399,00 €
  • 8,00 Euros per month for 24 months with automatic charge on your credit card (You will be charged if and only if the number wind is not exceeded the minimum threshold for charging 50 €, also be used for paying the fees of the active promotion Unlimited)

The phone is delivered immediately upon availability.

Therefore, the total cost is 399,00 euro immediately + 192,00 € (8,00 Euro x 24 months) deferred in 24 months without interest: 591,00 €

On this rechargeable Wind is also possible to activate various options that allow you to obtain minutes of calls to all, text messages to all and free internet surfing.

samsung galaxy s4 scontato


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