How to enable clever break in the Samsung Galaxy S4: Italy Samsung releases a new promo video very nice!

Here's the new promo video released Samsung Italy, showing in a nice functionality Intelligent Pause exclusive Samsung Galaxy S4. Here we go and find out how to enable it!

Samsung never ceases to amaze, think they really stand out for all the functionality of its devices, and in this case shows us how it works and how useful functionality Intelligent Pause present in the new Samsung Galaxy S4!

The video takes place in a kitchen shows a boy who suddenly chef and tries to win his woman by preparing a delicious dinner, and makes watching a video on the Samsung Galaxy S4 which shows the recipe, obviously without being seen by his better half for accappararsi all the credit.

How to enable Intelligent Pause?

The Intelligent Pause is a unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which allows the device to pause and resume watching a video if you turn the look or turn your head, and this is made possible by the detection of the eye through the front camera.

To activate the Intelligent Pause just do it through the center of notifications sliding or from the menu settings, under the heading “Personal Device”, and in the submenu “Screen Intelligent” you will find the Intelligent Pause, and activate the feature by checking, as in the picture below.

Pausa smart Samsung Galaxy S4

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