Sarahah: How to know who sends us anonymous messages.

It's called Sarahah, It was developed in Saudi Arabia and allows you to send messages as a completely anonymous for registered users, without that the recipient can respond and especially without it can trace the sender.


Despite the fact that it was initially designed to allow employees to send sincere messages to their employers, Today it is also used to send offenses: you are already a registered cases of stalking and cyber-bullying.

Sarahah was conceived differently by the author:

Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends At work Enhance your areas of strength Strengthen Areas for Improvement With Your Friends Improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement Let your friends be honest with you.

But how can you do to figure out who sent the messages on Sarahah?

The article is deliberately provocative, and we wrote it to make you think about the proper use of Sarahah.

To date there is no way to trace the identity of the author of the anonymous messages, Despite are spreading some apps and sites that promise to do it: in fact it is false promises that threaten to impair your Facebook account stealing the credentials.

Be so careful: avoid these sites and these applications-scam!

We repeat: There is no way to get the information about the author of messages, but at the same time use your brain when you send messages:

Sarahah log messages, sender's IP addresses and schedules, allowing the police in case of crime to intercept the sender.

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