Download Android apps and music for free legally

There are several methods absolutely illegal for Download free app for Android, But today we present a safe and legal way to get Google Play credit to use for Download free Android apps (including Google Play Books, and Google Play Music).The method we are offered directly from Google: It's a ’ app which allows us to meet virtually every day to a small survey (employed at most 5 seconds) that gives the credit to spend on Google Play store to download paid apps.

The same credit you can also use it to buy free books and music.

The procedure is very simple:

Keep active for this ’ app notifications: start to get there most days (and sometimes even more than once a day) notifications of new polls available.

When you receive your notifications open l ’ app and answer the questions that are posed to earn credit to spend immediately on Google Play Download paid apps for free!

As you can see in the video below, most surveys are very fast and will occupy a few seconds. The reward is not very high, but in a few days of use so you get enough credit for Download a paid app or music.

The lending is often variable and not affected in any way by the responses you give.

An example: If Google were to ask you if you have a dog or if you have visited a particular site or store, the amount of credit supplied does not depend on whether you answer positively or negatively.
L ’ invitation that Google does is to answer truthfully: If Google were to realize that you are responding to case or incorrectly (because it may propose you the same questions differently over time) We will lower each time the credit recognised.

L ’ call is to respond then so absolutely transparent: your replies will not be sent by commercial brands and your privacy is completely guaranteed!

What are you waiting for then ? Download you too Google Opinion Rewards and start earning credit to use for Download paid Android apps!