Download App iPhone and iPad from the App Store U.S. [leadership]

On the basis of the particular commercial interests, some app for iPhone and iPad are made available exclusively on the American market. These are choices that lead some of Apple app on the Italian market with a few months delay, and sometimes instead not to release them at all.Let's see together how to download and install our iPhone iOs 7 app directly from the U.S. store.

The steps are simple, but require you to configure our iPhone or iPad (at least temporarily) for the use of’ American app store. Here is the guide to configure an app store other than Italian:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. click on the star at the bottom left “First floor”
  3. scroll down and click on the box “Apple Id:”
  4. View Apple ID
  5. enter any password request
  6. Click on “country / region” and select the store United States (first on the list
  7. accepted the conditions of contract “I agree”
  8. selected as payment method “None”
  9. set a “Zip code” valid for one U.S. state (For example, NY state chapter 44123
  10. you give the ok

Now you have configured the App store to download apps from the U.S. store. Obviously you can only download free apps because you did not select a payment method.

To return to the Italian store you simply need to do the same steps as before, reminding you to re-enter your credit card if you intend to shop!

Caution: If after buying an app from the U.S. store, reset the Italian store, for quell'app you will not receive updates