Install the update iOS 7 beta 2 on the iPhone: leadership

Apple has released the update ios 7 beta 2 only for developers of iOS Dev Center. If you're curious to try it and install iOS 7 beta 2 Preview even without developers we recommend you continue reading this article!

The”to update beta 2 iOS 7 is now also available for iPad and iPad mini.
To install officially ios 7 beta You must have iTunes updated and an Apple developer account to download the firmware. We will see later that you can also do this without developer account.

What's new in iOS 7 beta 2

  • Back Voice Memos application disappeared in iOS 7 beta 1
  • Improved the speed of the interface, sopratto on iOS7. The improvement is particularly visible on the iPhone 4S
  • Even the animations are more fluid even on older iPhone devices
  • New icons
  • Notifications on the center notifche traffic!
  • Improvements WiFi
  • It is not yet possible to assess whether they fix the problems that led to a drastic reduction in battery life
  • The problem of overheating seems to remain

How to download and update iOS 7 beta 2

Apple has planned to release beta versions of iOS developers only. There are methods not authorized by Apple but already widely tested for install iOS 7 beta without being developers.

Disclaimer: we reiterate that it is unauthorized methods, therefore we are not responsible for any damage or loss of data occurred during this update. The version of the iOS 7 is now in its second official beta, and may present compatibility problems with some applications or data loss.
Also, there is no official method to return to iOS 6.1.4, but in fact done with a simple restore in DFU you can otenre again again the iOS version 6.1.4 the 6.1.3

With upgrade to iOS 7 beta 2 lose any jailbreak on your iPhone. Recall that the jailbreak for iOS 7 iPhone and iPad is not currently available.

CAUTION: before you upgrade to any beta of iOS 7 a fate backup with iTunes and keep it safe. Do not trust the upgrade done with iCloud as this would be overwritten by any further backup made with iOS 7.
Backups made with iOS 7 can not be recovered with the previous firmware 6.1.x!

For now you can install iOS 7 beta 2 as OTA update (Over The Air) starting from an iPhone with iOS 7 beta 1.

If you have not installed ios 7 beta 1 on your device you will have to, After having read the disclaimer above, unload ios 7 beta 1 from our article Install the update to iOS 7 Beta on iPhone 5, 4And S 4: leadership, and install it following closely the METHOD 2 (not the method 1)

If you already instalato ios 7 beta 1 or you just did, you can do the upgrade to iOS 7 beta 2 over the air (Over The Air) in exactly the same way that the operating system normally updated from version to version of the official distributions:
icon settings, selected to upgrade the operating system to ios 7 beta 2.

Caution: the download could be particularly slow: in many are upgrading to ios 7 beta 2 Apple and servers were calibrated to distribute it only to developers, while it seems that they are really a lot of people who are upgrading to ios 7 beta 1 and 2 although not developers. If the upgrade is interrupted and fail, restart the iPhone and try again.

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Have you installed the’update iOS 7 beta 2 for iPhone? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!