How to download free mp3 music with Android and iPhone

Here is a very simple way, quick, secure and above all free for download mp3 music on Android smartphone or iPhone!Download free music on our Android smartphone and iPhone is no longer a problem. Many users are using app (Unfortunately always full of advertising very invasive, and sometimes dangerous) that estapolano the audio portion of the YouTube video, then convert it to mp3 format and download it on your phone.

Supload music from YouTube video is definitely not recommended for some reasons:

  1. In order to extract the audio track of a song on YouTube, l ’ app is forced to first download the entire video, then process it to extract and convert the audio track to mp3. This involves a Download a huge amount of data ’ (videos on YouTube can be several hundred MB, While it would be sufficient 5 the 6 MB downloading just the song)
  2. apps that provide this service are often unstable and insecure or submerge l user ’ banner ads sometimes even dangerous.

There is a much simpler method to download free mp3 music directly on our smartphone, both iPhone and Android, using Telegram.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging apps (the direct competitor of WhatsApp). One of the features most appreciated by Telegram is introduced by version 3.0 You can use the “BOT”.

What are bots of Telegram?

Bots of Telegram is a kind of virtual users (automata) You can add to your contacts: their purpose is to satisfy your requests. Can be programmed by the developer to provide a breadth of services (research on the internet, to jokes, to images, etc.…).
You can “contact” directly these bots or insert them in a group chat.

The bots to download music

One such bot is VK Music Bot (@vkmusic_bot) and was scheduled for Download music requested by you and to send you into the conversation by Telegram.
To add the bot VK Music you'll just have to try (by pressing the button-shaped magnifying glass) @vkmusic_bot.

When this bot is under maintenance you can use alternative bot @vkmbetabot (which is much slower, but normally functioning)

The service may be intermittently down for maintenance, but don't despair, is a bot really very efficient!

Limitations on iPhone / ipad:

  • On iPhone/iPad the bot might be “banned” (prohibit l ’ use by Apple): in that case you can try the bot @vkm_bot or use the official bot using the web version of Telegram via Safari.
  • On Apple devices, If you use l ’ Telegram will be sent by the bot can hear the music but you won't “save” in the music player: You can alternatively use the web version of Telegram that will allow you to take advantage of the full functionality of the bot

How to use the bot to Telegram to download music

Once added the bot, Click “Start” down.
You will find yourself in a normal chat, but you will have some special commands (words preceded by the symbol “/”) to give some special information to bot (as for example set the language, search only among the artists or only among the names of songs), But if you don't want to miss these things, It will simply send a regular message to the bot with the song that you want to search: write pretanto the song title or the name of the ’ artist, and the bot will reply within seconds, as you can see from this example:
Search free music telegram

With pretty generic requests like the one we did writing “Tiziano Ferro” (to show you that even works with Italian artists), the bot will respond with the first results available.
If you want to download and listen to any of the songs displayed in the results simply click on the link preceded by “/” (for example on “/3” to download Stop! Forget), or you can use the numeric keypad that appears and simply press on the number of ’ MP3s that you want to download.

If you look in the top bar (where to read the name of the bot), a status message will inform you of the fact that the bot you are sending an audio file.
Once you receive your audio files you can safely save the mp3 or listen by pressing ’ on the ’ circular icon beside the name of the song that has just been sent to:
Download free music telegram

If you are not satisfied with the search, or you want to look for other, will just write in your chat box normally, and the bot will reply as soon as possible!

What to expect! try it now, and if you like.. share this article with your friends!