How to choose the most reliable online casino

The casinos were, over the past 100 years, among the most popular and profitable entertainment company.
people, anywhere in the world, appreciate the casinos and the feeling of being able to enrich playing and having fun. For many, especially in Italy, It is very difficult to spend evenings at a casino, and that is why the online casino market is booming.

Playing at online casinos is also much cheaper and available to everyone: with a few euros you can experience the thrill of gambling, and winning very important sums.

The advice we can give our readers is to choose a reliable online casino as licensed at AAMS (Customs Agency and Italian monopolies) who monitors the legal and responsible gaming, offers the possibility to exclude himself from the game temporarily or permanently to combat gambling addiction and to have a record of activities to monitor the time and money spent in Casinos.

Another important aspect to be taken into account for the choice of the Casino is that of security: make sure that the online casino use least 128.bit encryption to protect the details of their players and to ensure your safety while transferring funds from credit card account.
To ensure your safety in transactions with credit card online casino sites, we advise you to install a good free Antivirus on your PC: Here you can find a list of best free antivirus to download.

Casino online

Many online casinos allow applications for Android and Apple, Beware getting from applications that are not included in the official store (Google Play & App Store Apple).

Another very important aspect is to choose a casino with a service online customer support in our language, available to answer any questions or to clarify any doubt.

The winnings made on online casinos with AAMS license are paid regularly through cashback on credit card or Bank.

At the time, the Most trusted online casinos offer different alternatives to game, from BlackJack to Roulette, from Slot Machines to various Poker games like Hold'em, Texas Poker, Red Dog, high low, etcetera), not forgetting other online games such as Scratchcards.

To allow everyone to play more smoothly many online casinos also provide apps to keep your gaming experience on the move ('s app will be available very soon).