Shazam will recognize even the clothes?

In many use Shazam to recognize music.. how many would use it for recognize the clothes? The CEO of Shazam fate has an unexpected announcement…

Who among us has never used Shazam once in a lifetime for recognize a song played on the radio or in the disco? Very few among the users of smartphones. Shazam is in fact the free app most used in the world to discover the titles of the songs simply making “hear” to our smartphones.

shazam_vestitiShazam to identify songs interfaces with a huge database: when Shazam "listens" to a song, correlates the data with those of the database, and when it finds the similarities provides us with the song data.

Not many people know this, but recently the app also allows you to “hear” the television shows so that you zap in front of the television you may know the curiosities of the program. Currently, the feature is active only in the UK.

But that's not all.. just doing an upgrade of this function, Shazam will recognize even the clothes worn by a television personality and retrieve details. For what purpose you ask?

In reality it is a marketing tool ever developed, the Media Engagement: the consumer has the opportunity to facilitate the recognition of the product in a short time finalizing the purchase.

Think for example of seeing on TV a dress that you like, a tshirt, pants: Shazam you can identify them and go directly to the site of who sells them with specific agreements between Shazam and retailers.

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