Snapseed: the quality editing of your photos

Snapseed is an app from Nik Software, listed software company engaged in the professional photo editing, devoted to the rapid improvement of the images.

There are versions for PC and Mac – the latter, against the other, much appreciated – and also a version for the mobile world.

snapseed screenshotSimple to use but very comprehensive, Snapseed offers a range of tools ranging from common cropping / rotation correction for selective brightness, contrast and saturation of selected areas of the image, passing through a series of filters of filters never trivial. Even seemingly simple tools such as “Tune Image” hide pleasant surprises like the ability to adjust the white balance. To report, then, Tools selective blur.

The usage is very intuitive and well designed. Each effect, which usually has more sub-settings (eg, with Tune you can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, atmosphere, and white balance) using scrolling vertically to move from one effect to another sub-, and scrolling horizontally to adjust the intensity. A guide explains the steps overlay less intuitive.

snapseed screenshot

In short, it would be a recommended application also among those paid, but free is just a “must”.

Coming soon also the version for Android.





Snapseed Google, Inc.. Category: Photos and videos, Styles and trends
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 2.18



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