Country of charge replacement batteries for iPhone 5 now also available in Italian

Apple is not more than a month ago has detected a problem with the banks of many iPhone 5 put on the market in the late 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Initially she started a campaign free replacement battery only in China and USA, but these days the campaign was open to the rest of the world! Let's see how to check if you can take advantage of this campaign for the free replacement of the battery on your iPhone 5!The problems detected by Apple on some batches of batteries iPhone 5 lead to a short battery life iPhone 5: therefore it is not a problem as dangerous as some newspapers had written, saying that the battery is at risk of explosion: the only risk is to have a limited life span of the battery.

These batteries were inserted into the iPhone 5 put on the market from September 2012 January 2013, but it is possible that they were also included in iPhone regenerated. So if you bought an iPhone 5 in 2012/2013 you should check if you can access this program free replacement battery: ini recommend it even if you have not found a limited lifetime of the battery as install a new battery definitely brings benefits to extremes.

To check if your iPhone (which must be in working) You entitled to access to this program you have to compare your serial number with those reported in the official website of Apple at

To find the serial number of your iPhone in Settings / General / Info FIND THE VOICE “Serial No.”

If your serial is authorized to perform the change of battery, you can contact an Apple Store or make replacement demand online directly from Apple.