Spotify releases a list of most listened and shared music

The world-famous music streaming service Spotify which allows - subject to payment of a monthly subscription - To listen to unlimited music from ipad, iPhone and Mac/PC has made public music ranking top50 of most listened to songs and shared! The publication of music charts always creates a lot of rumor: more than any other sites ranking by music or radio, the musical classifche more true are those obtained directly by users.

Unlike the music charts published by iTunes for example that shows data relating to’Buy Music (You can see the rankings iTunes music directly from This page of our website “Ranking iTunes music” constantly updated ) the ranking of Spotify music is in our opinion the most reliable.

Through Spotify, apart from the initial period of 30 days when the use of the service is free of charge, subscribers can listen to unlimited music without having to buy individual songs.
From music charts for Spotify so we'll see in a very true what are the music most listened, regardless of whether they were or were not purchased.

On Spotify music charts, it is possible to choose, in addition to the ranking of the most listened to music, also that of music more shared by users with friends.

Another filter also allows us to choose the country which to display the ranking: we can then choose whether to show the top ranks 50 of music in Italy rather than in other states of the world.

Curious ? Look at the music charts Spotify updated in real time on our page:

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Music: musicale top ranks 50 Spotify


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