What are the blue checkmarks WhatsApp? Your privacy is at risk?

WhatsApp developers have introduced a few hours checkmarks blue message delivery. The new feature is being rolled out to users, but What are the new blue checkmarks in the messages of WhatsApp?
A few months ago there was talk of a new third mark on WhatsApp which would serve to confirm the reading of a message from our partner: it was a little unreliable but that news did, however, in a very short time around the world.
Comments on this news had been really a lot: users of this happy news to those frightened by an excessive invasion of privacy.

Apparently the developers of WhatsApp have understood the importance of this mysterious function, and from a few hours to this part have begun to make available the notification function for reading a message, that is highlighted as expected by a third green check mark but the two green checkmarks that turn into blue when our message is read ( or rather when our message is opened by the application WhatsApp) as you can see in the picture below:

The news was not advertised in any way by the developers that they should in our view, to warn users: it is in fact a function, which although very comfortable going to affect the privacy of someone who does not like to be “controlled” from friends.

As we explained in our article, knowing the meaning of green ticks on WhatsApp you can know if our message had left or had been delivered. Very briefly:

  • a green check: The message was delivered to servere WhatsApp
  • due spunte Verdi: the message has been delivered from the server to the device WhatsApp our partner
  • Spunta due blu: the message is opened for reading

Caution: as we have already explained, the meaning of the two green checkmarks changes slightly in meaning depending on the type of smartphones used by our party; Please read this article for more details iSocial.it: What are green check marks on WhatsApp.
Remember to use this feature you must not have disabled access information about the last in the privacy settings of WhatsApp.

In addition to the blue checkmarks, on WhatsApp has been introduced another function “Info” that allows you to see the timetable for delivering the message: what time the message was delivered and at what time is the bed.

How to see delivery times and reading a WhatsApp message from iPhone:
hold a finger on the message: a menu will appear that has been added as an option “Info”:


How to see delivery times and reading a message WhatsApp on Android:
hold a finger on the message: the top of the coffin more than a symbol will appear (the)

whatsapp-check-blue-menu-androidwhatsapp-delivery info-android

How to disable the time display of reading and delivering a message WhatsApp?

Please note that if do not want to let friends know if you have received a message, especially if you read it, you can access the privacy settings of WhatsApp (Account/Privacy) and disabling the last access.
Remember, however, that disabling access information about the last, you can not even see the delivery status of your message.

To activate the blue checkmarks on WhatsApp does not require any update of the app. The feature is being rolled out to users: and within a few hours it will be available to all!