Tired of waiting? Here's how to install Android Lollipop 5.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy S4

As frequently happens now, Samsung is famous for making users wait months (especially Italian) When updating the firmware of Android devices. Lollipop 5.0.1 is now available in the Android world for months, but still no sign of the update for Samsung Galaxy S4 in Italy. Let's see how to install it immediately!!

The version Lollipop per Android has already been made available for the market, for example, English and German, but for the Italian market still no trace.
The firmware for the version “Generic” (therefore not branded) of Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop is already available, however,. Not yet been released the update to use (CONTACT – Over the Air) (executable directly from the phone) We propose a method for update your Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android Lollipop in modo sicuro tramite Odin.

lollipopThe procedure that we describe Root does not need or modified ROM: it is simply to force the installation of a firmware original Samsung Android available in another country, and therefore not void your warranty or the counter Knox.
The firmware is still localized in Italian (therefore you will not notice the difference).


As the operation is safe, always recommend make a backup of your device via Samsung Kies.

iSocial.it assumes no responsibility for any damage due to lack of experience, Incorrect operation. We do not recommend the operation to those who have a good familiarity with these operations.

Procedure to install Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S4 via ODIN

  1. Extract the two files in the archive of Odin downloaded and copy them to your desktop
  2. Extract from the zip firmware files and copy them to your desktop
  3. Open Odin, press the button “AP” shown, and choose lil .tar.md4 file extracted in the previous step
  4. leave the other settings as they are Odin (compared the image below)
  5. put your device in mode “download”:
    1. turn off your Samsung S4
    2. on again while pressing “volume down key”, ” power button”, “home button”
    3. When screen is shown “warning” press the button “volume up key” to continue
    4. you are now in the screen “Downloading… do not turn target of”
  6. connect your device via USB cable to the PC where you have odin running
  7. wait several (several minutes) that the drivers are installed completely
  8. when the drivers will be valid, Odin will see, top left, the box 0:[COMX] “access” (X is any number

At this point you can start to load the new firmware by pressing the Start.

When finished your device will reboot and begin the preparations for the new firmware (the words “SAMSUNG” animated might stay on the screen even more than 10 minutes)


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