Starbucks opens in Italy: the Tam-Tam on social networks

It's only been a few days since the Courier has published the news of the upcoming Italian opening of Starbucks but social networks are filled with news about the American chain, collecting praise and criticism from users.Starbucks would be ready to make his debut in Italy, more precisely in Milan, starting early 2016.
Agreements between Starbucks (u.s. brand) and the Italian entrepreneur Antonio Percassi could be signed by Christmas of 2015, to ensure the opening in early 2016.

For those who still do not know Starbucks, It is a famous American chain of cafes, present throughout the world and would like to land even in Italy, finding quite a few dissenting opinions by supporters of coffee made in Italy.

Starbucks, Invoicing worldwide about 9 million per year, about a year ago is conducting negotiations with a known shopping centers Manager (Antonio Percassi, retired of Cesena and Atalanta).
Antonio Percassi wouldn't back to these big brands launches: his was the commercial expansion of Benetton and Zara.

The Starbucks headquarters is in Seattle, where he also opened the first store in 1971, at Pike Place Market, by three friends: Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegel, a history teacher, and Gordon Bowker, a writer. The breakthrough came from an idea by Howard Schultz, ceo historical, now recognized as the true founder of the famous chain. During a trip to Milan in 1983 He developed his project to bring to America the authenticity of Italian coffees

Schultz had had to adapt the offer of his first store to local tastes, more prone to milk mixtures. From here are nate drinks with names that are inspired by Italian coffees: Frappuccino, Caramel Mocha Espresso macchiato as well, American double.

Now the big step. Perhaps the most delicate ever done on a market: Starbucks in Italy. For this the entrepreneur Uses would be entrusted to an expert like Pamplona that, If the agreement will be successful should play the role of «partners» franchising for Italy, on the model of what has been achieved with Victoria's Secret. The deal is at an advanced stage and the Americans are conducting talks with plenty of privacy.

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