Starbucks developed a new app for voice orders

Thanks to My Starbucks Barista, American food chain's customers can order the famous Starbucks products by sending a simple voice command via smartphone.

Through application it will be possible to pay fully automatically allowing customers to order and pay without going through the case and without tail, even before arriving at the nearest Starbucks, so find the drink or the food already prepared just crossed the threshold of the room. For now the application is only available on the iPhone for a limited group of test users to evaluate the efficiency of the service.

The news was announced directly at Starbucks with a post on their official website

Starbucks app voiceAccording to Starbucks in the article the application will be officially released at the Apple Store since summer 2017. The same service will be distributed on the platform Amazon Alexa to enable users to Echo and other devices to the Alexa system to order using voice commands.

The application My Starbucks Barista will be fitted with artificial intelligence to allow customers to interact with your own voice or writing a sort of chat room to a virtual bartender.