Stay Hungry: the puzzle game out of the box!

You're used to having to make as many points for being the best? Forget! With Stay Hungy the new game for the iPhone made in Italy you can beat your friends if you do only the lowest score!

Surely you can not miss the opportunity to challenge their friends, both the well-known Social networks Facebook and Twitter, but also via Game Center or via e-mail. Winning against our challengers we can win medals and prizes, virtual course. The interface, is very elegant and clean, all the graphics are very well taken care of, and the music nice and fits the game.

We assure you that Stay Hungry is by no means simple: if you get stuck and can not pass a level.. before going crazy to social trust: There is in fact a community (sia Facebbok che Twitter) where in case of trouble we could seek help to find solutions to that level that haunts us for days and days!

Calm, precision, ingenuity, are just some of the unique aspects Stay Hungry.
Everything you know, here may not be what you think… In life, even the most trivial thing can hide the pitfalls.
You are limited or ready to open up to new horizons? In some levels, despite appearances, it will be really challenging to find the solution: the player will not have to leave anything to chance, and only those who will notice even the most minimal details, will move to the next levels.

You can challenge your friends, and share with them via Facebook and Twitter, scores, thoughts and also what will be waiting at the end of each chapter. And if your circle of friends is not enough, can confront the whole way through Game Center.

To avoid losing your progress, iCloud will always have your best scores, so will always be available!

You will have (for now) 4 Chapters complete, each with different dynamics and environments.Photos 08-04-13 12 53 12

Stay Hungry stimulate your intelligence, memory, the reactivity and the speed of thought and calculation. During your game you'll solve puzzles, riddles, games of reflexes and speed and other types of levels that will challenge your brain

Once in the actual game we have to choose the chapter in which we test ourselves, are so far available only 4 Chapters, obviously will unlock each when finish the previous.


CAUTION: Not compatible with iPad 2 and iPad mini

Stay Hungry is available on the App Store:


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