Streaming: not work? here is the solution!

Some providers Italian (and not only) in the fight against “movie piracy” and then against sites that transmit film in streaming set of limitations the network to which many users are unable in view streaming movies hosted by the most popular platforms such as
Many of you have told us for example that not work: is a world-famous player can also be used on mobile devices. Let us see how to solve the problem!To understand first of all if you can not watch the movie streaming on player vk due to a limitation of the provider, and not of a temporary outage or a broken link (a link is no longer active), go directly to your browser whether the site is opened, the problem is related to the specific film in streaming you're trying to watch.
If the site does not open and you get a browser error, then you fall in the above case: your operator has implemented restrictions that prevent you from reaching the site where it is hosted streaming movies you want to watch.

The providers operate this limitation by simply putting in “black list” some sites on their DNS.

Cos'è DNS?
In layman's terms is a system used for resolution of names of nodes in the network (host in English) into IP addresses and vice versa.
To understand this better, each server (and site) Internet is accessible via an IP address (Rate, but having little difficult these addresses can be stored, has been set up service (the DNS) that translates the address to which we are accustomed ( ) IP addresses through which sites are achieved.

How do providers to block the site
To simplify the concept to imagine that the provider that provides you with internet access, also provides you with your own DNS server: blocare a site for the provider to set up an association goes wrong in the DNS: should be translated into Instead your Provider cancels this association and the locks so that does not point to anything.

How to continue to watch movies streamed over when the provider locks?
Very simple: you must configure your computer, iphone or ipad so that it does not use the DNS provided by your ISP, but another DNS devoid of these limitations!

We recommend the use of Google DNS, always-date and free of these limitations for sites streaming movies:

  • Primary DNS Google:
  • Secondary DNS Google:

cambiare dnsOn guide on how to change the DNS on Windows computers, iPhone, iPad or Mac Follow our guide by clicking on the image to the right or read our page “Streaming sites blocked: how to change the DNS on your computer and iPhone / ipad [tutorial]