Microsoft Surface: the new tablet from Microsoft

Tonight (13/02/2013) will be presented in the new Italian Tablet-Microsoft Surface. It is a fairly revolutionary concept of tablet and user interest is felt on social networks!

Already from tomorrow 14/02/2013 we can find the Microsoft Surface tablet on sale online.

surface-ms1Microsoft launches so the challenge to industry giants, as Apple, with its ipad, and the Android Tablet. There is a long waiting list for users, but also by traders and analysts, eager to see if the new Microsoft product will annoy the competition.

Features Microsoft Surface

Surface seems to be a product of excellent quality and all the indications are that the tablet with Microsoft Windows operating system 8 will be able to keep up with the more famous competitors.

It is a product rather versatile and high-performance, that includes a number of features that the current owners of tablet will envy: USB and one carrying him esterna fingerboard (very well designed, Although optional)

surface_menupng- Processor: Intel Arm Tegra 3 with 2 GB RAM;

- Internal Memory: 32/64 GB;

- Screen: display by 10.6 inch 1366×768 pixels;

- OS: Windows 8;

- Connectivity: Wi-Fi – Bluetooth, USB port;

- 2 720px cameras;

- video output;

- Price: about 499 Euro.

To accompany the all also external accessories, as the cover e la keyboard, but to get them you must spend about 130 euro more.

One of the most intriguing of Surface is in two cover that Microsoft has thought to protect the screen of your device. The cover, in fact, is thought to have a double version: protect the display while on the move and act as a keyboard when you are at work. To this end they are available as much a "Touch Cover"What a"Type Cover“: the latter is a real physical keyboard able to complete the tablet to turn it in fact in a Ultrabook.