Tango: video calls and messages for free

Do you want to video with your friends or relatives for free wherever you are and regardless to a device that you use? Want to send Posts the video messages to your loved ones for free? Tango for you! Tango is a very simple and intuitive interface that allows you to call, video calls, send messages and video messages for freeto all your contacts using only your internet network. Features:

  • Video calls with the best quality with the 3G/4G network and Wi-Fi
  • Free international calls and calls to have a great cost savings
  • Internal phone book of Tango with automatic access to friends that use the ’ app
  • No login and password, by creating an account at less than 5 seconds

Introducing... Tango for the PC

Tango offers the ability to send and receive free video chat, You can also share with more people or groups simultaneously, Although they do not use Tango and view messages sent to make a submission. And’ the only app that allows you to customize the video that video calls and messages with pleasant surprises, not in the application, how funny animations that help you express your personality and your mood, bambinie to entertain and celebrate any occasion.

Tango is truly accessible to all, given that guests are available for versions PC, ios, Android and Windows Mobile.

Download version for PC and Windows Mobile from the official site http://www.tango.me/

Tango Messenger TangoMe, Inc.. Category: Social network, Entertainment
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 4.4.222548

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