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Are passing a song you like on the radio? You're listening to a song on Spotify or directly from your phone's library and would like to croon the lyrics? Try Musixmatch, a phenomenal free app that shows you the lyrics of the songs you are listening to!Musixmatch ’ is a free app available for iPhone and Android devices leaning to a huge collection of lyrics (songs lyrics) and automatically identifies the song you are listening to with the text.

The great feature of this app is that it syncs automatically with the song and tells you exactly which point in the text you have arrived with the song! L ’ app in fact goes in time with the music and you can also use it to improvise a karaoke with friends wherever you are!

Musixmatch don't just show the lyrics of the song you are currently listening to, but it also offers text translation in your language, so you get the pleasure even to figure out what you're listening to or humming. I remind you that the songs are a great way to learn or improve their English language and Musixmatch is right for you!

Musixmatch lets you do even more: for example, you can highlight a phrase from the lyrics of a song and turn it into a postcard with a custom background with a picture of you where you can also add filters, stickers and lyrics. The postcard can be sent to whoever you want using the classic instant messaging applications.

musical postcard musixmatch

Musixmatch also allows search for songs, a title, a singer from the few words that you know of the text Besides the classic song search “audio” exactly how does Shazam.


musixmatch song searchWhat are you waiting for then ? Try Musixmatch in store for your device:



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Applicazione compatibile con iPhone e iPad

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