What Tile and how it works?

In the last few weeks, we certainly have all seen the advertisements for Tile. It appears very often among the Facebook post or banner advertising the main sites.

Ma. What is Tile and how it works?
 Tile is described as the smallest and most functional accessory to find your lost items. And’ really so?

What Tile?

Tile is a small device that contains a battery, a transmitter / receiver blutooth 4.0 and a small speaker. And’ designed to recover lost items.
How does it work Tile?
After attaching the device to your account Tile Tile, attach it to something that is particularly dear to: bunch of keys, a bag, a laptop, the bicycle, the machine.. or girlfriend :)
Through the Tile app for iPhone and iPad you can find the item you lost: a kind of map will show the point at which the object is located, and the small built-in speaker in Tile, will begin to emit a sound.
How much Tile?
Tile coast 18,95 Us $ (about 15 €) + other 10 € about shipping costs
The first shipments will start in winter 2013


It looks beautiful no? It would be great to draw our objects and find them when we lose them…
In fact it is just so’ simple.. Tile has some minor limitations:

  • Tile your device has a Bluetooth transceiver 4.0. To be found to be “hooked” from the bluetooth signal to an iPhone or an iPad: the range is approximately 80 metres in open spaces, 15 metres in the worst cases (with obstacles such as walls, sheet metal, etc..)
  • on the official website of Tile is said that this is not a limitation, as the object you are looking for do not need to be in the immediate vicinity of YOUR iPhone.. can’ also be located in the immediate vicinity of any other iPhone for another user Tile, who has the time at which open the app Tile… therefore.. virtually impossible!

After these small “contraindications”.. think Tile It is an idea rather mediocre.. No, absolutely.. I must deny: Reveal Labs the company that designed the Tile project is collecting millions of dollars!
To date, approximately 50.000 buyers have purchased the device (remember that there is not yet on the market) for a total of about 2.700.000 Dollars! (and we remind you that payment is due upon receipt of the order and not to the object)

We trust, however, it is a serious project, since it is sponsored by some of the giants of the web such as ZDNet, The Crunch and 9to5Mac!