WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to Android without losing chat, images and sounds!

Are you tired of the iPhone and you want to switch to Android? Thanks to the work of a great programmer Italian, Now you can WhatsApp transfer from your iPhone to a new Android without losing the chat history, pictures, video and voice conversations! Let's find out how!Nicola Beghin has created an excellent tool capable of converting the structure of the archives of WhatsApp for iPhone in a format accessible to Android devices: is WazzapMigrator Available on Play Store!

wazzapmigrator_headerWazzapMigrator (available in the Lite version) therefore allows transfer the chat WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (any Android device, including Galaxy and Tablet): therefore you can keep your chat history, images, video and sound on your new device!

The process certainly requires a bit’ of “dexterity” in computer use, but thanks to simple and clear instructions will be an operation to everyone.
Moreover Nicola proved always attentive and willing to give support in this operation.

The instructions are available in English on the official website http://www.wazzapmigrator.com/ where you can also find several video tutorials.

Below you can find some additional instructions for using WazzupMigrator that can help you complete the copying of WhatsApp chat without problems.

First, you must specify that: the free version Little WazzupMigrator allows you to import all chat with these only limits: inserts the word LITE in every conversation and does not allow the import of the media.

wazzap_migrator_migration_databaseThe paid version of WazzupMigrator (little more than 3 €) has no limitation and also allows you to import media files (images, videos, voice messages) of each conversation.

The price is really insignificant compared to the great benefit of this application and the commitment of Nicholas for his creation!

Here are instructions for WhatsApp move from iPhone to Android:

1) WhatsApp installed on new Android device.

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