How to turn the iPhone into a universal remote!

In many expected that the new iPhone is typed in the Infrared Transmitter to turn the iPhone into a universal remote control for TV, Sky and Surround just like you can do with the Samsung Galaxy S4. So it was not, but with this short guide we see how to build a home accessory that will allow us to turn the iPhone into a universal remote!The process is very simple, requires no electronics experience, only a very small dose of manual. What we need is really cheap and you can get it from any electronics store:

  1. A 5mm 940nm Infrared transmitter
  2. A stereo mini jack 3.5 mm
  3. a small soldering (is not essential)

The material has a total cost of approximately 1,50 €.



Guida passo-passo per turn the iPhone into a universal remote:

  1. Unscrew the black cap protection from the jack, you will find something similar to what is shown in the figure:iphone_telecomando_universale3
  2. Remove the metal part shown with the number 3 (as no need and it would only get in the way). To remove the cut with clippers or bend it repeatedly.
  3. Take the diode and fit it into the jack as shown in the next figure; enter the filament longer eyelet of the metal part shown in the preceding figure by the number 1, and secure them tightly. Ideal would stagnarli as shown in the next figure. If you do not have the soldering, secure them with care so that they can not move and especially avoiding that the filaments of the diode to touch each other or touch each other metal parts.iphone_telecomando_universale4
  4. Cut the part of the filaments in excess:iphone_telecomando_universale5
  5. At this point, you can reinstall the plastic cover, removing with scissors at the flexible. You will get what is shown nela next image:iphone_telecomando_universale1

Your accessory is ready, now you'll be able to use your iPhone as a universal remote, to control your TV, Sky, Satellite, HomeTheater and more! How?

And’ simple, just download an app “remote control” on your iPhone. There are lots of, and many are completely free. We used for our tests this free app:

The TV Remote Mattia Confalonieri Category: Utility, Entertainment
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 5.4

Remember to connect the newly built headphone output jack of your iPhone and adjust the volume to maximum!

Select your device from the menu of the app and remember to drive the LED at the device you decide to control! Now you can use the iPhone as a remote control.. needless to say that the jokes that you can combine :)

If you are not satisfied with the end result of your small electronics project… try again.. or buy a device ready.. Even the author of the app offers a device to buy for a few Euros!