Find My iPhone does not work? blame for iOS 7.1!

Some users have reported that after upgrading to iOS 7.1 on your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 utilissima the app “Find My iPhone” no longer works. We checked ourselves: after upgrading to iOS 7.1 “Find My iPhone” does not work. Let's see how to fix it.
To whom he had never felt the need to explain briefly that use “Find My iPhone” is very useful in case of smarrimento theft of our beloved iPhone: if the service is available on our device, via the website:, logging in with our Apple ID, we could locate / block our iPhone.

Why geolocation functions, it is necessary that our iPhone is below a discreet cover of traffic data, and that obviously, sia access.

But let's see exactly what happened: entering the iPhone on which we tested was in the area of ​​full coverage and on, but despite this, iCloud on our iPhones resulted nonlocalizable.
The reason was very simple to discover: when you upgrade to ios 7.1 (updating lossless), privacy settings have been changed (by the system, not the noi) preventing the geolocation of the app native “Find My iPhone”: entering the Settings menu / Privacy / Location / Find the iPhone, the situation was as follows::
find my iphone is not workingNeedless to say, the switch “Find iPhone” must be active for the service to work properly.

For the record, We have verified the same situation of 4 iPhone devices that have made an update to iOS 7.1: 3 we have ended up with these settings Find iPhone disabled, while 1 had been correctly enabled.

Evidently the error that hindersthe operation of “Find My iPhone” depends on several other variables.
We strongly advise you to check the settings and enabled to keep the location of Find iPhone: the service is very useful and functional in case we miss the iPhone!