Finding facebook password

All the various methods for find the password of Facebook are in fact based on its extraction from the cache or stored data from the DB Browser: If anyone propina other alternatives, This is almost certainly hoaxes!!

So here follows a few simple and effective methods for password recovery Facebook:

1. Find the Facebook password stored on Firefox

If you have used at least once for Firefox accessing Facebook and you have selected the option to remember your password, you should be able to recover simply by following these steps:

  • From the top of the browser menu select "Tools > Options“, then open the section "Security
  • Click "Password Salvate"And then, in the new popup, its "Show Password
  • Scroll through the list of all passwords stored until you identify to Facebook

trovare password facebook

2. Find the Facebook password using a javascript bookmarket

If the password is stored in the browser cache and hidden by the asterisks, you can display it in clear text using a simple bookmarklet:

  • Position yourself saddle Facebook homepage, select the user (stored) and the browser should automatically fill in the field "Password"With hidden characters from the shot blacks (sometimes you need to give the focus to the field with a click of the mouse)
  • Paste the following javascript code in the address bar of the browser, then press Enter: the password stored will appear instantly in a small pop-up window:
javascript:(function(){can s,(F),j,f,the;%20s = "";%20F = document.forms;%20for(j = 0;%20j<F.length;%20++j)%20{%20f = F[j];%20for(I = 0;%20the<f.length;%20++the)%20{%20if(f[the].type.tolowercase()%20== "password")%20s  = f[the].  value of "n";%20}%20}%20if(s)%20alert(%22Password on the page:nn"   s);%20else alert(%22No passwords found on this page. ");})();