Finding work: cos’è LinkedIn? How to...?

LinkedIn is a social network platform other than that we all know as Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn ha un target legs definito, or the professional world, and is a powerful tool to establish working relationships and why not.. to find work!

What of employment LinkedIn?
linkedin-logoLinkedIn si occupa principalmente di reti di professional contacts e ha per purpose to create and maintain online relationships, but on the basis of business contacts.
LinkedIn can be used for example to know, through a shared contact, responsible for a service where you want to work or more simply for expand their pool of business coming into contact with other industry professionals or just to have some sort of curriculum 2.0 certainly much more appealing than a simple paper resume.
Unlike Facebook, is not the profile of its adventures, photographs, stories, bravado to make a difference, but the resume of work experience that can be complemented by reports from colleagues present, thus forming a network of contacts. And’ therefore also an excellent tool for look for work and to find a job according to our professional characteristics.

Can I use LinkedIn to find a job?

If you're not yet using LinkedIn, you do not have work experience and are thinking of opening a profile to find work, probably better off looking elsewhere. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, but revealed thanks to connections with many professionals, your true curriculum much more than does a paper document. LinkedIn puts you in competition with those who have your same job expectations, connects you with your previous work, with a lot of recommendations, feedback and endorsements.

Who has more skill in LinkedIn then you realize that you are a “novice”. Our suggestion is to open a LinkedIn profile and start providing all the information regarding your work life. Therefore start to make a resume rather precise.

How to Find Work with LinkedIn?

After reading a little above our recommendations, now we can say that in fact LinkedIn can help you find work. How?
In base alle vostre caratteristiche, experiences, skill, geographical area, LinkedIn will show you the companies that have published (always through the circuit LinkedIn) what we may call “jobs“.
The jobs LinkedIn sono normalmente molto specifici e piuttosto “controlled” dalla community stessa. And’ easy to obtain information, qualifications and references of the company that published the ad to verify authenticity.
Let's see an example of jobs available LinkedIn suggests to me that according to the characteristics that I put in my profile:

Why Join LinkedIn?

We are living in the time of extreme interconnections; the web 2.0 and social networks are making the masters.
In the U.S., it is no longer so unusual that a company accept applications directly and solely on LinkedIn.
Our suggestion is to sign up and enter your resume without cheating. Start using it go about taking the minimum skill on LinkedIn.. non to the mai.. may be helpful.. certainly the most professionally useful than Facebook or Twitter!

How to subscribe to LinkedIn?

The'Enrollment in LinkedIn is free of charge Information concerning a: you can sign up by entering their personal data.
We invite you to complete in an attractive way your “report”. Is shown shortly after your basic information, and it is virtually your business card. Who will come to your profile is one of the first things he sees you, even before the work experience. Questo è il posto giusto per catturare l’attenzione dei visitatori “hasty”.

Tips for using LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is a social networking theme and should be used for its original purpose. Do not use it like Facebook, filling it with photographs and futile post: you will soon be blocked by many and you risk losing a lot of job opportunities.
  • On LinkedIn is rather “out” and out of the netiquette “be added” people who do not know. For this there is Facebook!
  • Do not write down your exact Curriculum Vitae: No NIS is a European Curriculum, we are in the Web 2.0, try to be a little’ “dynamic”!
  • If you have a website or blog is a good idea to link them in your contact information by editing your profile. Anche a livello SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your site would benefit from it given the excellent PR and indexing LinkedIn.
  • Avoided post religious or political theme: could adversely affect any “seekers” and may be unprofessional.
  • At the same time, Be careful if you link your Twitter profile, because put in communication between them the two worlds: certainly link to a Twitter profile with significant interventions make your LinkedIn profile appealing.. a double edged sword practically!
  • Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is constantly updated.

Virtually, il consiglio vivissimo che vi diamo è quello di iscriversi e di mantenere aggiornato il proprio profilo con informazioni caute e sensate.

Maybe one day you'll thank us!



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