Find the Windows XP password, Vista e Windows 7

You will be successful in forget your Windows password, or groped access to a computer that is not used for a long time and be forgotten Windows password? Let's see how in a few simple steps you can recover password!After the article on how to Finding facebook password, Some users have asked us how to instead find your Windows password.

How will you know, officially if you forgets the password for logging on to Windows there should be alternatives to formatting, and then the loss of our data tuti.

Before you actually go the hard way and decide to format everything to regain control system, it is good to know that they are different methods to crack / recover the password to access Windows XP and Windows 7!

The method which we denote requires no particular technical expertise, and is based on Ophcrack Live CD.

Obviously (and fortunately) is not an immediate process, but rather simple.

Let's see how:

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1. Download the latest version Ophcrack LiveCD corresponding to the operating system. In the download page on the official site You can find versions for Windows XP, Windows Vista e Windows 7.

There are about 500Mb so we recommend that you use a fast connection. The file is a. Iso, therefore do not have to run once downloaded, you will have to burn.

ImgBurn2. Burn the. Iso file downloaded onto a CD. This is an image file so you need a special software. There are hundreds, We recommend ' img Burn ' freely downloadable from this page. The interface is very simple, you'll just have to click the option that allows you to burn a CD image.

3. Once mastered you need CD to start the PC which we want to recover passwords da CD.

What does it mean? The PC must not start normally with Windows, must be switched on with the CD already inserted in. Most of the PC are set to “Price from da CD” when a CD “Bootable” is inserted. If your PC does not start from cd, but you start Windows normally, you need to act on the BIOS (is a very simple, find millions of videos on YouTube that teach you how to do, Alternatively you can Contact).

OphcrackIf the PC correctly from the CD, there will be shown a screen that shows all of the users who Ophcrack will attempt to recover passwords.

4. We must not click anything, but just wait patiently for the program recovered within a few minutes all the passwords. As soon as all the progress bars array will be green, complete al 100%, the program has finished and will be shown all the passwords for each user.


Annotatele, and at this point remove the CD from the PC and restart it. Windows normally depart, but this time you will know which password to enter.

Password recuperata Ophcrack

Please note that this procedure should only be used for find the Windows password your user's, “crack” Windows Password other is a crime!