Find the Pokémon at any point on a map from your computer!

Tired of going around looking for Pokémon? Now you can find the Pokémon anywhere in your city without having to walk all the way, simply by iterating a map!The new service PokéVision allows you to view in real time the Pokémon available and figure out where exactly.
The map of the Pokémon in real time It is available on both PC and smartphone and does not require installing any app.

How to find the Pokémon on a map by choosing the location

And’ simply visit the official website PokéVision in order to access the service and find the Pokémon on the map, in any corner of the world!

Unlike many services that reside on the network such as maps and portals for reports of Pokémon managed manually by users, This service queries directly Niantic servers officers Dell ’ App Pokémon Go, Therefore the results are guaranteed!

You can type in an address and place on the map, or drag the map by zooming and rimpicciolendola just like you do with Google Maps.
Alternatively you can also click the crosshair to use geolocation and automatically place the map where you are (This function is obviously more trusted with a smartphone that with a pc not equipped with GPS).

On the map will appear the Pokémon available in that area: the Pokémon are represented by small icons that represent the kind of Pokémon and a timer that tells you how long that Pokémon will still be available at that point. Pokemon map

This means that If you see a Pokémon on the map, You can exit, reach that point and capture that Pokémon (as long as the time of appearance is not finished).

The service allows to scan Pokémon only once every 30 seconds

Because in the game I see the Pokémon that are not visible on the map PokéVison?

The Pokémon that appear in the game thanks to Aromas are not visible on the map as they are visible only to you.

When the servers are clogged, the time of appearance of the Pokémon on the map may be delayed.