Candy Crush Cheats: infinite lives and special powers

Some of our users have asked for advice on how to overcome impossible levels Candy Crush Saga, the famous PC game accessible through Facebook or mobile device iPhone, ipad o Android.
The trucchi per Candy Crush Saga allow to have Additional lives without waiting for the expiry of the time, vite infinite o l’access to the functions and powers of special free.Candy Crush Saga box office records around the world: even if the app is free, obviously many people buy via in-app purchase special powers or screw.
We see how to have unlimited lives and so much more in Candy Crush without pay: obviously this is an incorrect move against your friends, therefore.. fatene buon uso!

We present a series of tricks starting from the simpler ones until you get to the complex ones (scrolling forward with the article pages):

How to close a game of Candy Crush Saga without losing a life

(runs on both mobile and PC)
not many people know, but if soon after starting a level, before executing the first move, press the button on the bottom left, and select the “port” Release”.
This advice is useful when in a particularly complex, already beginning understand that the arrangement of the candy is not optimal.
This trick works in all Levels except time, both on mobile and PC

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