Tuenti: the new social network now also in Italian

Tuenti is a social network of Spanish origin with already more than 13 millions of users. And’ owned by the Telephony Manager “Telefonica” and Spain is already head to head with Facebook!

Tuenti is now the busiest site in Spain, over 40 Milestones page views monthly and 400 million instant messages sent per day.

These days Tuenti is launching its service trying to ride the wave of critical Privacy Policy moves these days to “big brother” Facebook.

Homepage TuentiOn the home of Tuenti, we read:

  • Share with true friends: Photos and updates from the people who are close to your heart. And’ social in the way they should be: real friends share real life.
  • Private: Do you want to share with your friends, not with the rest of the web. Everything you do is on Tuenti and rimarrà always private 100%.

Tuenti seems a bit’ a simplified version of Facebook and Twitter.

Just like Twitter, Tuenti was initially conceived as a mobile service, and for this reason has developed well done App for iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

You can find links to download them all in page dedicated to the official website of Tuenti Mobile

The name Tuenti is an indication of how the service is designed: “Tuenti” is play on words in two languages: in Spanish, is “Your Entity” (the subject, its identity), and English is a play on words on the number 20: l'idea, according to the company, is that in the real world, the majority of people can chat with regularly 20 Friends or less “Why call 'friends’ only when all 20 people are really friends and all the rest are just contacts?” Chiede Zaryn Dentzel, CEO of Tuenti.

This raises the concept of a large collection of contacts, but a small group of close friends.

This concept is enhanced by Tuenti looks like quite innovative.. but remember that the same effect can be reached in Facebook with lists of friends and friends restricted.

Telefonica is trying anyway with Tuenti to make people feel safer on the Internet and ensures that any of the activities on Tuenti is indexed in Google.

Tuenti is currently free of advertising and does not allow Import Facebook friends.