Twitter introduces the effects on Instagram style photo

The battle between the coupled Facebook-Instagram and Twitter. Even the social Bluebird introduces the possibility of add effects and filters to your photos. Let's see what it is and a brief User's Guide..The filters are work Aviary and the big difference compared to Instagram is that Twitter makes it possible to see effects produced by filters photo on a single screen, thus having the opportunity to check at a glance the best result.

Together with filters, There is also a magic wand that allows you to “optimize” brightness and contrast of photos automatically and the instrument “Cutter” to crop photos, maintaining the aspect ratio of the original photos or make the photo square just like the competitor Instagram, or zoom in and zoom out.

The new photo editing features are available in the app Mobile both iphone/iPad and for Android.

Here is a brief leadership to use the new features to edit photos with Twitter.

Create a new tweet as usual and select the camera icon to take a new picture or select one from the camera roll.

effetti foto twitter 1

Below you will find three icons:

  • magic wand automatically optimizes brightness and contrast
  • the three circles are used to display on a single screen all the applied effects to your photos
  • the third icon (Cutter) allows you to crop, zoom in and out your photos
And’ can also view the various effects applied individually on the pictures scrolling the photo to the right.
Effect of the magic wand:

effetti foto twitter 2


Combined display of all effects:

effetti foto twitter 3


Effect after cropping “square” Instagram-style

effetti foto twitter 5