Twitter for iOS is updated with many new features!

The version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) Twitter has been much criticized just out, but soon has undergone radical changes. Today is an update that has led many improvements to make the best use of the potential of Twitter in mobility. Here we go:Here are the updates made in the application Twitter for iPhone / ipad:

1. As you do a search you'll see more arguments and suggestions of users, based on what is happening in real time. Also see these tips when you add a hashtag or user name when composing a new Tweet. The search function was actually pretty simple. Now you will have more chance to interact with your friends!

2. Looking for a given word jump out the Top Tweet linked in the past to important events. When you touch a Top Tweet in the search results you will see more of that time on that topic Tweet

3. When you open a web page you can now see further context Tweet Related to. Simply pull the icon up or down to see or hide the Tweet

4. Do not miss any conversation: see all replies to a Tweet in view for detail

5. When you block a user from the app, its Tweet disappear immediately from the Connect tab

6. Discover shows a new and elegant animation when you drag to refresh the content

7. Twitter for iPhone and iPad now support Chinese Traditional

8. You can exit from your account directly from the app (instead of passing from the system settings)

9. Bug fixes and other improvements

Twitter Twitter, Inc.. Category: News, Social network
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 7.7