Twitter removes the “Via” that allows us to understand by what you Tweet

Twitter has eliminated the possibility of determining exactly which program was used to send a message to the popular microblogging service.

Noi tutti utilizziamo diversi client per condividere Tweet o aggiornare i nostri status di Twitter and, until a short time ago, We could also give an account of where the message was sent. Now all this will not be possible: after having been previously removed from the app for iPhone, now the famous "street" will also disappear in the web version.


La rimozione del tag adesso prevent you tell if a tweet was sent from the web or from one of the many existing clients, as Twitterrific the Tweetbot.

This move makes Twitter agnostic to the client and tries to give coherence to the service being read, will no longer be a set of messages from different clients (at least on the). Questo fa parte dell’idea della società di far avvertire Twitter come a more homogeneous: any developer can not, hereafter, sfruttare il tag “via” per identificare la propria applicazione poiché non farà più parte delle Display Guidelines.

I personally think that this feature could very well continue to be active, but obviously the Twitter team will have their own reasons for acting così.twitter