UberSocial: all your social in one App!

Today I want to present UberSocial, one of the most known and appreciated by BlackBerry users, also available for iPhone and Android to manage multiple social networks simultaneously.

Introducing UberSocial AppsUberSocial is an application with which we can best manage Twitter and Facebook in addition to other social networks minors, offering many features in the same application.
Also available the opportunity to interact with their friends through Gtalk.
Thanks to a very accurate and well detailed we can access and customize the access to all the features Twitter.
With the functionality LivePreview we can see images, video and then link directly to the application without having to access an external browser; also excellent management of which we can integrate Facebook news directly in the timeline of Twitter.
UberSocial allows us to manage multiple accounts at once, We can also create lists of friends so that you can search your favorite headline news from the timeline without looking.
UberSocial also allows you to filter the news for hashtags, we can choose which services they will use to upload images, video email link; and through service TMI.
In addition, the app is customizable with different graphical themes particularly pleasant.
UberSocial Ubermedia, Inc.. Category: Social network, News
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 4.3.1

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