Tired of your old iPhone? Thanks to Apple is now possible to evaluate and change your old iPhone!

With the new service “Reuse and Recycling” available on the official store Apple is now also possible to obtain the evaluation of their old iPhone. The service already long been available for desktop and laptop computers is now also available for iPhone and iPad.
As stated on the Apple website, the "Reuse and Recycling" is managed by dataserv GmbH under sole responsibility. Apple Sales International is not responsible for and does not endorse any services provided under this program. At any rate, the fact that the service is hosted directly on the pages of the official Apple store offers a good warranty on the quality.

The Apple's recycling program “Reuse and Recycling” is now also directed to holders of a device iPhone and iPad functioning or damaged: for iPhone with broken display, damage from liquid or stuck on other networks the program provides for the withdrawal, but the assessment will obviously be lower.

The service is also suitable for “recycle” devices that are not Apple-branded.

The amount relating to evaluation of the old iPhone will be credited directly to your bank account. It is therefore not a good expenditure to be used on the Apple site, but of a real “sale” of your old device, working or not.

On the page of the service we will be asked what type of device we want to recycle. Let us see an example on the operation of the service for replace the old iPhone with a new one:

programma di riciclaggio e sostituzione iPhone

There will be made then some questions about the health of our iPhone and supplied accessories:

programma di riciclaggio e sostituzione iPhone

In our example, the iPhone with the following characteristics:

iphone 4S (16GB) Black

  • The iPhone may have been damaged by liquid? – No
  • The screen is damaged? – No, is perfect
  • The iPhone works properly? – Yes
  • I removed all content and settings.
  • Enclose the power cord

Dataserv is evaluated by: 270,00 € including a prepaid pickup in your area.

The same iPhone 4S loses evaluation based on the damage reported. Let's see some evaluations of the same iPhone 4S with damage:
  • iPhone 4S with broken glass but lcd and working phone: 175,50 €
  • damaged lcd iPhone 4S and working phone (trannte lcd): 40,50 €
A iPhone 5 working perfectly has a rating of 396,00 €. Definitely better to sell privately, not ?
The service is offered as fact recycling not as “flea market”. As we know electronic devices must be disposed of in an appropriate manner for the environment. Such disposal is rather expensive and will be carried out according to a statement from Apple:
Program reuse and recycling
Apple's commitment to protecting the environment also includes the identification of the most efficient methods for reuse or recycling of electronic equipment at the end of their life cycle, including the iPhone, ipad, Mac or PC computer and monitor from any manufacturer.