How to see the friend requests sent on Facebook – tutorial

Have you ever wondered if you have already sent a friend request to someone on Facebook? Have you lost track of friend requests sent and would like to understand who has accepted your friend request or those who have simply ignored, or simply delete friend requests sent in with Facebook?
Using a little trick fast, it is possible see friend requests you sent on Facebook: are not required external applications or special skills!And’ You can see the friend requests you've sent simply logging in from a PC or smartphone to your Facebook site dedicated to mobile devices less evolved (For example, older generations of blackberry or Symbian) very simply by visiting this address:
You will see a much “simple” and unpleasant to Facebook. Here you can select the section “Friends” and following the links to see the friend requests sent “View friend requests sent”, as shown in this image:
facebook friendship

You can directly enter the link in favorites for quick access, or directly insert the icon to get to the page on your iPhone by going to this address: click here to go directly to the page of friend requests sent in with Facebook and adding the page to your device's Home.

Also from this page you can also choose to Facebook cancel friend request sent, visiting that person's profile, hover your mouse over the indication “Friend request sent” and choosing “Cancel Request”.