Check the status of Pokémon GO servers

Due to the enormous success, often during games with Go Pokémon you encounter several problems of slowness and blocks with servers..
These problems can lead to servers:

  • inability to access the app Pokémon GO with message “Is experiencing problems with our servers, Please try again later”
  • inability to enter gyms
  • ineffectiveness of baits
  • inability to capture a Pokémon
  • loss of use of the Pokéstop
  • blocks while playing
  • Pokémon do not appear / gyms / Pokéstop


In this case it is necessary to close the ’ app (killandola by ’ background apps list) and try again when the servers will be back completely stable.

To avoid trying a thousand times to open the app ’, We recommend to use our page Pokémon GO Server Status to check the status of the servers Pokémon.
We advise you to Save the page as an icon on the Home screen of your smartphone to quickly check the status of Pokémon GO.

Check the status of the servers of Pokémon Go, Click on the PokeBall!