The video of the child and the polyp in defense of animals popular on social networks!

These days in Italy, the video of the child in front of a plate of octopus is all the rage on social networks. The video is really amazing and arouses strong emotions! Look at yourself!The video of a child in front of a polyp cooked by mum, thanks to the translation in Italian is all the rage on social networks in our country: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are making now popular on small baby with the heart of gold!

It is a strong message that should do much to think all those people who do not have respect for animals.

Of course, free to eat animal flesh or to deprive becoming vegetarian or vegan, but the reflections of the child 3 years can not be faulted and certainly much deeper than those of many adults.

Even the tone of the mother towards the final part of the video you feel a state of deep emotion.
How about, also child with octopus receive from YouTube with this videos stessa neither a Justin Bieber donated popularity ? :)

Maybe you, We wish him!

The video was uploaded by many users, I will again present us

The child and the octopus – the wisdom of children:

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