Virus Cryptowall 3.0: how to restore crypted and damaged files.

CryptoWall is a malware (specifically, a type of virus called ransomware) very advanced, a variant of the previous CryptoLocker. It is a very dangerous virus that makes it unusable all files of your PC criptandoli.
How to recover encrypted files from CryptoWall 3.0?If you have been infected by CryptoWall 3.0 and you can't use anymore the files in your computer please read this article: We will show you clearly how to recover encrypted files.

What exactly is ’ CryptoWall?

CryptoWall is a virus ransomware (basically a virus that takes hostage the victim) they do not seek to block the whole ’ system but aim to cause even greater harm by making data user ’ totally illegible.
Personal documents and files of any type, from photos to office files, text file, PSD, Autocad files, etc... are encrypted using a key pair generated dynamically using the ’ RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm to 2.048 the 4.096 bit.

This algorithm is extremely safe, and ’ only way to decrypt the files (and make them readable therefore) is to know the “private key” used during the ’ action of crypt.


How does the ’ CryptoWall infection 3.0?

Normally the ’ infection takes place by email: making an attachment in a mail or by downloading a small program hidden behind an advertised link in an email.

A good antivirus system, only if constantly updated will detect the intrusion ’.

How to avoid being infected by CryptoWall virus tools 3.0?

Our recommendations are always the same. Following these directions your chances of being infected by other viruses and CryptoWall fall virtually to ZERO:

  • Do not click on links and Don't download attachments from email There are convincing: Remember that emails can show how even a sender address to you known, without this being considered safe, as it is very easy “trick” l ’ identifying the sender in mail.
  • Do you always make a Backup of critical files and keep them in a disconnected from your pc (USB flash, external HDD, or even better a Cloud system (like Dropbox or Drive).
  • Get a SERIOUS antivirus (the payment) and keep it active and updated.
  • Use a registered copy (and not pirated) and be sure to always install and constantly updates (security patches) When notified by Microsoft.

What does CryptoWall?

CryptoWall works in the background, without you knowing, and encrypt your files to make them absolutely useless.

The virus will enter in each folder that has run its own action to make encrypted files, some information file that explain how to get back your working files.

Exactly, This is a real blackmail.

These files are put in the folder, get all the same information:

  • HELP_DECRYPT. HTML: You can read the content using any browser
  • HELP_DECRYPT. PNG: information in image format
  • HELP_DECRYPT. TXT: textual information
  • HELP_DECRYPT. URL: address that can connect to the home page of the decrypt data service

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