GMail Virus: a million compromised accounts via email

A major attack against Gmail accounts has compromised over a million thanks to a virus: at risk the personal data of a large number of users. And’ make sure that you don't hit 'em!

If you have received an email with a Google Docs document sharing, are you victimized by this unpleasant episode.
Wednesday 3 may in fact have been sent millions of emails asking the user to access a file on Google Docs shared with your email account.

How did the attack on Gmail

The mail was (with some variations) like the one you can see in the image below and seemed to come from a person known to you.

gmail_virusThe link contained in the email instead of opening the file shared bore you to their Google account section where you can authorize third party apps, with the request to authorize the activation. The app was originally called permission exactly “Google Docs” and had the same image as the original Google, but it was far from the famous google cloud platform: the authorization allowed the app virus to access your email and contacts in address book, setting the email resubmission itself to all the contacts in address book (It is precisely for this reason that the mail appears to come from a personal contact “secure”.

Countermoves taken from Google

Google is readily run for cover by disabling the application “pirate” Google Docs, has disabled the account that started the chain of emails and has updated the Gmail app to notify the user that you are opening a dangerous mail.
Google said that overall it was having the problem the 0,1 percent of active accounts on Gmail, then about a million compromised accounts.

What to do to protect your Gmail account

If you have received an email and you have clicked on the link, or if even more simply do not remember if you did, go immediately on the page of permission management of your Google Account by clicking here and check the date that you have authorized the app “Google Docs”. If you did over the last few days, you should press the button “Remove” to remove the permission.

You can then give permission without wasting any paper going directly to Google Docs from the official page!