New virus WhatsApp: how to defend themselves

Whatsapp, Thanks to its diffusion, is a great way to spread malicious software: ESET warns about a new virus on WhatsApp.And’ the famous ESET, the software house produces the popular Nod32 to warn users who use WhatsApp: is circulating an email sent to millions who invites you to listen to a voice message on WhatsApp, complete with a play button in the body of the text..
Once you have opened the message and clicked on the link that invites you to hear the message WhatsApp a virus (specifically, a trojan) will try to take possession of our device.

The virus is not so directly tied to WhatsApp: hackers are now trying to take advantage of the announcement of the innovations that are covering recently WhatsApp, and induce customers to experience new features with traps sent by email.

virus whatsapp

The Trojan Once you have taken possession of your device will remain silent and fail to notice of his presence, but will try to send your personal information to an external server: might convey the history of the sites you visited recently, phone book and even usernames and passwords entered on the sites or even within apps or banking sites.

If we had realized that you have clicked on a link such as that described, experts advise to change major ESET passwords immediately (Bank, credit card, paypal, Amazon, ebay, etc.…) and completely reset our device.

The trojan is in fact quite difficult to remove completely and would keep open on our device a sort of “port” from which criminals could continue stealing our data.


How to defend yourself

If you receive the message described above and you have clicked on the button “play” It's already late: We recommend you to reset your device and change passwords more important.

If you received it but you can be sure of not having pressed on “play” no fear, the trojan installs just by clicking on the link: in this case, you simply delete the message to avoid accidentally click on it.