Whatsapp Messenger Virus: Priyanka. How to delete it and defend: driving

Priyanka is the name of a virus that is spreading widely through Whatsapp devices Android.
The effects of this virus to WhatsApp are particularly annoying, as well as rename the name of your conversation groups of Whatsapp in “Priyanka”, try to do the same thing with all contacts in the address book of your Android smartphone.Obviously if you have the account synced with Google, Gmail contacts Firms will also be impressed by this renaming, and the situation that you may find it is exactly this:

Priyanka Whatsapp


In addition to this effect of her already devastating, this virus on Whatsapp distributed through devices Android also has the right to autodiffondersi, therefore infetterete also unintentionally all your contacts who use Whatsapp for Android.

As the virus spreads Priyanka on WhatsApp?

The virus you autodiffonde, forward themselves to all contacts Whatsapp for Android smartphone in a silent way, in the form of a message added new contact.

Wherefore, take heed, if you receive, also as a friend, A request to enter a new contact like this:

do not accept the request and not saved the contact because this action would infect your Android device with virus.

If you have already been infected, here as it removes the virus Priyanka WhatsApp on Android devices:

as soon as you realize you have been infected by virus Priyanka to WhatsApp:

  1. disable any network connection, WiFi and Operator
  2. entries in the phonebook, try and delete the contact “Priyanka”
  3. revenue in “settings” of your Android device and select “Applications”
  4. try WhatsApp, Open the detail and first click on the button “ends” then click on “Clear”.

Priyanka Chopras

At this point you will find yourself Whatsapp virgin, as if you had never used.
Revenue in Whatsapp and then setup again: conversations will be retrieved from the automatic backups that run WhatsApp. Your Whatsapp will be back up and running as before infection by the virus Priyanka.

You will now have arrange contacts:
if you check on your account contacts are still “healthy”, Alternatively you retrieve a backup obsolete.

But if this virus, instead of ruining the book, we had filled the gallery with pictures of beautiful Indian model Priyanka Chopra ( प्रियंका चोपड़ा ) in the picture here.. probably would not have complained about no :)

If you have not yet done, we recommend that you install a good antivirus on your Android smartphone.
In this article you will find our review of one of the best free antivirus for Android: Best free antivirus for Android 2013: TrustGo