vshare in Italian

After Article “Dial vShare: the alternative to Installous on iPhone” many of us have asked how they have vshare in Italian, as many parts in Chinese are not particularly legible :)

If you have not yet tried vshare (alternative to Installous) or you want to know What vshare Board of read this article.

Its vshare italiano repoInternet there are various ways to get vshare in Italian, some of which payment.

vshare italiano pacchettoThe proposed solution is instead free and includes the installation of a new repo a package already translated. In the picture to the left you can see the new repo to be added and the name of the package to be installed.

For instructions please refer to our video previous article placing the data that you see in these images.

The author is committed to maintaining updated the app will change when the official.

For those who had problems with the English language, our suggestion is to keep the official app described in our previous article.